Broken Foot Rabbit Hole

by Lalić

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released December 20, 2014

Written - Mladen
Recorded - Mladen and Liam Barton
Mixed - Mladen
Instruments - Mladen
Bass - Lucas George and Reuben Bloxham
Mastered by Jimmy Chang



all rights reserved


Lalić Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: House of Lessons
house of mezzanine
Track Name: Alone Again Always
sitting in a field alone
bugs crawl up from the ground
something holds you there
you're alone, you never question why or how

will your open body suspend me inside
my hearts just a sinkhole
but i wish it suck me under so id be closer to you
my dear you scream as we disappear
but the longer i wait
at the portals gate i will pine
see i been longing for myself
but i been with someone else
and i know there must be something more
if i could just find my way through that door
but daylight dwells for us

but soon soon ill be gone
i fell awake
into two hearts as one
dying trying to succeed
its all i really need
the more i bleed she feeds
until she finds my core
and sees theres nothing more than a light
that wont shine

awake in the morning
i'v been mourning us
but awake in the evening
i'm grieving you
Track Name: Story Goes
tell me which way
story might go
show me something only god would know
show towards your height
let me see my sight
show me with your eyes
show me your soul
pai me your pain
cant wait no more

only when i dream
my body knows
only when i slip out
my spirit show

leave me where i am
dance around my grave
open up my heart
and make it whole again
i tried to hold your love
you try to set us free
standing at the shore
keeping tide from sea
holding on to me
Track Name: Glass
i found you waiting here
under the wave as it falls
holding you forever
underneath a sheet of glass
too thick to touch
too thin to forget
why i;d ever turn away

hidden prize that i don't want
mirror deep disguise
i haunt you there
you find me there

i lost you waiting here
under the weight of my fear
ball and chain tied to ball and chain
love tied down cant ride again
empty dream i must awake
kick and scream but it wont take

so here i lie hypnotised
by this love of mine
that just wont die
if the fire subsides
break the glass
Track Name: Dull Sunken Eyes
awake i follow
asleep i walk
dull sunken eyes
they beg with me
it moves like smoke
through furthest reach

pull me under and tire me out
i give my last breath to your ocean
we overdose on devotion

only we see this light
shine through again
slowly we fade
from one to two

warm and heavy
i feel your soul
move through me
and onwards
Track Name: Laugh And Cry
only we see this light
shine through again
slowly we fade from one to two
again, hurts

within me i found a little you
and inside you i found a buried note
that just said

all day in the sun
still i cry more than some
but when she speaks to me
and i just can't ignore

and all the way
the people laughed and cried
so said bye bye
to all i'd said
the people found out
after things had changed
they'd stayed the same
the people laughed and cried
so i said bye to bye to all i said
the people found out after things had changed
they'd stayed the same the
Track Name: Breathe Without It
i am, i'm just another mistake
with eyes open wide
the more i sleep i'll wake
and when it's gone
i'll try to breathe without it
this took too long

but this time
it will pass soon
so we wait
in groups of two

under stream
of cold light i see
coming through
and without air to breathe
i will fold my shadows
to a light i can see

if you heal me i'll never stray
but i'm over
your stormy eyes

but you were not what i saw
and you couldn't see
if you healed me i'd never stray
but now i'm over
Track Name: Way Out
hey now, hey now
i think that i can see a way out
right back to your rock bottom

you are so close i can almost hear you breathing
thats the only sign your there
please stay, go

if i try hard
maybe i can find a way out
but then i might not try at all